Showed Me Something

I know everyone is down on the loss to the Mets yesterday, but I actually came out of it feeling kind of good.

You can’t expect to win a game in which your starting pitcher is out of the game before even recording an out, and you have Mike Myers pitching in the first inning. With the way things were going for the Yankees, you would have expected them to get bombed, and that’s how it looked early on. Once Johnny Damon failed to bring back David Wright’s second home run, the Yankees faced an 8-2 deficit. The game seemed all but over. But then the Yankees showed something.

Derek Jeter drove in a run and after Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada homered back to back and Josh Phelps doubled, it was 8-6. Jeter ended up having a chance with runners on the corners down 2, but grounded to third.

Again a bad break was dealt to the Yankees, as Robinson Cano, who had a rough day to say the least, made a great diving play with two outs but threw the ball off of his own foot. The throw would have been online and in time. It was just a bit unlucky and the Mets’ lead went back up to four at 10-6.

The Yankees didn’t roll over and die though. Bobby Abreu plated A-Rod, thanks to Billy Wagner’s brain cramp, and the Yankees had the tying run at the plate with 1 out. Cano and Phelps both struck out to end it.

I was extremely pleased with the way the Yankees played though. The offense, which had been dormant, put 15 hits on the board, and went back to taking pitches and trying to work pitchers over. And they did all of this when it seemed they were playing a game that they just weren’t supposed to win. If not for Damon’s drop and Cano’s 3 errors, things may have played out differently.

Yes, it’s a loss. And it will hurt to see the Empire State Building in orange and blue on Monday, but this is the first time in over a week that I have felt confident as a Yankee fan. Tonight will be a battle as we’re throwing another rookie out on the mound in Tyler Clippard, but I think the Yankees will win tonight and head back home ready for Boston, with the starting pitching lined up.

This may sound crazy, but I’m looking for us to sweep the Red Sox. Joe Torre said on the FOX broadcast that there was still a lot of fight left in this team. I was a bit skeptical of that, but clearly he was right. With Mike Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang and Andy Pettitte going against the Red Sox, there’s no reason the Yankees can’t pick up 3 games in the standings. It’s possible. But as the old cliche goes – they need to just "take it one day at a time."


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