Oh my God. After I was all fired up and ranting about Proctor, all of a sudden Susan Waldman made my day. Roger Clemens is a Yankee again! Again, I’m listening on the radio so I haven’t seen the television broadcast but it seems that Clemens was on the jumbotron and announced his return.

We knew George was angry, but we didn’t know he was desperate yet. Fire Joe? Hmm. No. How about sign Roger for a bijillion dollars. Oh yes. He’s going to pay this guy like he is the savior. And, well, he just may be.

The questions about the Yankee rotation will now be dead. Wang, Pettitte, Moose, and now Roger is as good a rotation as any in baseball. Clemens will eat innings, give the Yankees a fire that they haven’t had on the mound, and will make Manny and Big Sloppy a little bit more uncomfortable than they usually are digging in.

You know Clemens will perform. He wouldn’t play unless he knew he could still dominate and win a World Series. But the intangibles that he’ll bring may mean even more. He’ll serve as a mentor for young Phil Hughes, show him the ropes and let the rook pick his brain. But just having him will give the team much more confidence and could really wake them out of this funk.

Finally, the Yankees getting Clemens means that the Red Sox don’t. This was even earlier than expected too. Most believed he wouldn’t pitch until June. The Yankees needed this. This is huge.

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