Wright On

Scrambling for starting pitching, the Yankees called up lefty Chase Wright from AA and he did a solid job. He seemed a bit nervous and it was important for the Yankees to get him some run support off of Jake Westbrook, which is exactly what they did.


We scored 8 runs in the first two innings, three of which came on A-Rod RBIs who continues to rip up opposing pitching. And even his buddy Doug Mientkiewicz hit a rare home run. With a seven run lead after two innings, Wright settled down and just threw strikes. The defense made all the plays behind him, including a great spinning throw up the middle by Derek.

From there the Yankees coasted along to an easy win, and one they really needed. With the depleted rotation, the Yankees are going to have to score a lot of runs in the next two weeks in order to be successful as it’s unlikely Wright, Darrell Rasner, Jeff Karstens and Kei Igawa are going to be throwing gem after gem against Cleveland, Boston, and Toronto…

One thing really bothered me last night: A-Rod’s last at bat was absolutely horrendous. It seemed like he didn’t care. He swung at two fastballs down and away and took one of the weakest hacks you’ll ever see at a curveball. Sure the game was in hand and it seems like no big deal, but that is how you get into bad habits as a hitter. There’s no excuse to lose focus at the plate no matter what the score. He needs to treat every at bat as just as important as every other and try to work the count into his favor and get a pitch he can drive. That strikeout was pathetic and I hope Alex realizes this and won’t let it happen again.

Tonight’s pitching match-up is Jeremy Sowers vs. Igawa. The Yankee offense will likely have to carry the load once again as Igawa just doesn’t seem ready for a lineup like Cleveland’s.



  1. Jason

    It was a big win for the team, and Wright did what they needed. That the bullpen pitched more perfect baseball is amazing. It’s been the most solid part of the Yankees so far.

    As for the A-Rod strikeout near the end of the game, I think he was fooled on the pitch. It might have had to do with not seeing the pitcher much. Sizemore looked much the same way against Wright when he struck out on a curve. It happens. If anything, A-Rod’s focus doesn’t seem to have waned at all. He’s creaming the ball. After going 2-5 last night, he’s batting .375 with 8 HR, 21 RBI, and is batting .421 against right-handed pitching.

    I think you’re being too tough on him. Keep up the good work.


  2. Bill

    Well, fortunately for us Yankee fans, it seems you were right about Alex. Today’s walk-off home run was unbelievable and he looks so locked in at the plate. I just thought that was a bit of a careless at bat. Thankfully it didn’t carry over.

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